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We Bring Herbs and Humans Together - Again

Throughout the history of our species, herbs were used for healing. They are the products of the laboratories of the Gods. There are plants which can kill you at a mere touch, and others which can stimulate the production of white blood cells in your body to combat infection and poison. In an herbalist's dispensary there are often over 100 herbs, each with a unique chemical composition and function. We live in an age where the understanding of herbs to the masses is mostly lost, and yet the herbal knowledge compiled from our ancestors and many cultures has never been greater.

When a mongoose is bitten by the snake that is its prey, it seeks out the ground-herb Plantain (Plantago major), a lymphatic herb; when a dog is sick it will seek out Couch Grass (Elymus repens) to induce vomiting; an anxious and distressed cat will search for Catnip (Nepeta cataria) for its nerve-soothing effect; an unwell chimpanzee eats Bitter Leaf (Vernonia mygdalina) known for its antimalarial and antibacterial actions; elephants seek out Balanites Tree (Balanites aegyptiaca) for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic actions; and Monarch Butterflies eat Milkweed (Asclepias sp.), which rids them of certain parasites, and without this special plant Monarch Butterflies would likely cease to exist.

Every one of the herbs listed above are also used by humans for the same reasons as the animals. Herbs are instinctive to animals, even domesticated ones, because our evolution is intricately connected with the evolutionary path of plants. Humans have become a bit disconnected from our instincts, and our powerful minds are more easily captured by complex theories; but we have the capacity to see simple truths again.

Going back to the simplicity of Nature, to the products of the laboratories of the Gods, is not only intrinsic to our nature, it is absolutely necessary in this unwell world.

An Herbal Consultation

What You Will Receive

You will receive an in-depth conversation with a trained herbalist who is there to listen to you. After discussing your health history, your family health history, your day-to-day health challenges, and your health goals, we will set up a health plan that looks at addressing symptoms as well as root causes. We can set you on the right path towards health, which includes diet, lifestyle, and herbs. Herbs come in the form of herbal teas, powdered capsules, alcohol tinctures, and creams. An herbalist can cut through the noise of marketing, business interests, and fad nutrition science, and give you access to the fundamentals of what health truly is. And once you know it yourself, you can go down the road to health as far as you want on your own. All of the herbs from Plato's Garden are Organic or Wild-crafted.

My Special Interest as a Healer:

I love to work on the root causes of general health. That means fundamentally herbs and diet which nourish your eliminative organs (kidneys, skin, liver). When looking at your unique case, I'll also offer herbs that assist other endocrine glands/organs which may be struggling due to circumstance or genetics (e.g. adrenal glands, thyroid, pituitary). Digestive problems (e.g. constipation/diarrhea) always deserve some focus, as a general cleaning of the digestive system is crucial to long-term remedy. I also love working on the nervous system, which will have an effect upon everything else, and which gives a better quality and strength of mind.

If we can clear the channels of elimination, boost your nervous system and your endocrine glands as needed, and work on whatever other health problems you may be struggling with (e.g. sleep/anxiety/skin issues), your quality of life will improve. If we add some diet and lifestyle on top of that, you should be able to achieve some incredible results.
Justin McArthur
Herbalist, Lymphatic Iridologist

Other Benefits of an Herbal Consult


You might be wondering: do herbs really work? Yes, they do! There are hundreds of medicinal herbs, and each of them has a unique character and chemical action. There are herbs that will help you sleep, give you energy, fight infections, clear up your skin, the list goes on. Plato's Garden aims to impart as much knowledge as we can about herbs and the healing arts through your consultation and our other offerings.

This is a type of knowledge that's still moreover unknown, and when a person discovers it they often just become a passionate herbalist. But you don't have to study for years (unless you'd like to) about plants, we want to give you this knowledge so you can quickly use it to amplify your life.


The truth will set you free! We seek to offer some of that sweet freedom, particularly in the arena of health.
Whether we have the "truth" about health - only a person with an independent, critical, and functioning mind can discern that. Freedom is gained through a personal journey of discovery. Having a broad knowledge and the courage to follow your own mental understanding can be dangerous, as you'll sometimes have to go against the grain, but it can also be the greatest gift of strength and freedom you ever give yourself. Knowledge is a weapon, and if you're well equipped you can fly into freedom.

Medicinal Herbs

You'll receive herbs chosen specifically for you. Depending on what you want, we can choose herbs that: tone or stimulate specific organs or glands (e.g. adrenals, kidneys, liver, heart); herbs that help you get to sleep, that help with anxiety, stress, that increase your mental focus for your job or hobby, that increase your libido, or help with constipation or stomach problems. We can do a program for detoxification, or one for sleep and stress, anxiety, fatigue, general health, etc. The choice is yours. You'll also receive a practitioner who cares and takes the time to listen to you.

Contribution to the Regeneration of the Planet

Humans need to get our act together and become wardens of the planet. When you support herbs, you support forests and regenerative farms. That's where most herbs come from. Herbs aren't sprayed with synthetic herbicides and pesticides, they're gathered from the wild or harvested by sustainable-minded farmers. That isn't always true, but those are the herbs Plato's Garden seeks out.
Our mission at Plato's Garden is to heal the planet and everything on it to the greatest extent we're able - to take our profits and regenerate as much land as we can through herb-based permaculture.
And if you heal yourself, do you not also heal the planet in a small way?

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