365 Day Fruit Detox: My Experience

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My 365 Day Fruit Diet Experience

This post is all about My 365 Day Fruit Detox Experience! Learn the good, the bad, and the ugly (detoxification isn’t always pretty…). I have tried to be as honest as possible, judge for yourself the merits or dangers of a fruit diet. 

A fruit diet isn’t some strange phenomenon, like you think it is. It is more natural to the human species than H20. 

To understand what to eat, there is only one way. 

You must look at Nature. 

Sadly, our media and channels of information have been corrupted. The naturopaths and nutritionists you believe you can trust have gained their knowledge from a learning institute or system which was funded by powerful organisations who do not have your benefit or the truth as their desired end. You can choose to trust them, choose to trust the scientists who speak in a language you can’t understand, choose to put the fate of your health and the health of your family in their hands. 

But I’d rather trust Nature. 

And Nature shows us that we are apes. It is as simple and easy as that! Take all of your theories about how cooking evolved the human brain, created culture, and accelerated the evolution of the human mind and digestive system, and throw them out the window. 

Because you cannot prove it. You cannot see it with your eyes or understand it in a truly simple way. Their theories do not hold up under the scrutiny of reason. They can be believed, but they cannot be observed. 

But there are things which can be observed. We can observe the similarities between the  anatomy of humans, the other animals, and of the other apes. Long story short… we’re pretty similar to the other apes. 

And what do the apes eat? They eat exactly what you should be eating, too.


But sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to see. People believe what they want to believe. And that’s why I embarked on a 365 day fruit diet, to see the results for myself, and bring the raw knowledge to you. 

I will attempt to be as honest as possible, because there are dangers to the fruit diet as well as amazing benefits. 

365-day Fruit Diet Results

This wasn’t a perfect, pure fruit diet; I ate some vegetables from my garden, had a few breaks from the diet accumulating to 20% of the year, and occasionally consumed alcohol and coffee. But overall I learned many things and experienced many changes in my body, which I’ll highlight as honestly as I can directly from the notes I took during the experience. (Note: throughout the fruit diet I utilised many medicinal herbs. Herbs make a tremendous difference). 

Weight Loss

The point of a fruit diet isn’t to lose weight, but it’s the most obvious outcome. Some critics believe most of the weight lost is from muscle mass, but in my experience I lost little to no strength, even during the heavier detoxification periods, and consistently worked a 40 hour physical labour job for the first 7 months of the diet without a notable shift in energy or strength except rarely. 
Results (notes): 
Began diet weighing 209lbs.
Day 69 weight fluctuating in 160s.
Day 84 156lbs.
Day 110 151.8lb (at this point began increasing consumption of fruit from 7-9 large fruit/day to 12-15).

Day 110-292 weight likely dipped into the 140s, I wasn’t weighing very often. I noticed that increasing fruit consumption ceased weight loss for the most part. (During other shorter fruit diets in my past, my weight went as low as 131lbs.) 
Day 292 (before a long break from the diet for the holidays) weight 153.4lbs
Day 365 (final day) 163 lbs.

Overall I lost about 45lbs. I used to think 180 was a healthy weight for me, and I didn’t want to lose weight from this diet, that was just an unavoidable consequence for me; but having lost the weight I feel normal in the 160s now, I like being lighter, it feels better. 


Results (notes):
By day 8 felt weaker, tripping on things, difficult to carry two 5 gallon water jugs.
Day 83 felt another energy drain, legs dead after 10 hours physical labour outside, possibly due to heavy amount of smoke in the environment from forest fires. 
Day 145 have this feeling, feel as if I’m in the prime of my life, and not wanting to lose a moment of it. Energy levels are very good, feel strong. Have been eating guacamole and garlic during this time, possible correlation.  
Day 265 notice that I haven’t been fatigued in a long time. I used to get pain/tension in my shoulders, and feel fatigued walking around a couple hours at the zoo. I believe this includes social fatigue as well as physical. Just gone. Feel energised at all times. Get up at 6am easily, unheard of before (could be habit-formed). 
Day 268 feeling joyous, at the prime of my life again after 8 day streak on the diet. Much easier now to get to this feeling. 

Energy fluctuates on a fruit diet for a number of reasons. Many other foods (e.g. meat) are stimulating to the adrenals, caloric-dense, and able to override malabsorption problems. Fruit seems to take a while to kick in, but it in my experience it sky rockets your energy and I do believe it cured my chronic fatigue. (It’s easy to forget the problems you used to have when they’re gone.) 


I’ve done three 3-month fruit detoxes before this, and all I can say is that depression wasn’t a thing for me while I was on the diet; but as soon as I would stop the diet the little black dog would meander back. During this 365 day stint, I never noticed it at all even when cheating on the diet. It’s not a thing for me anymore, which was a combination of spiritual practice and some emotional work, but I do think is mostly attributable to the diet (alongside herbs). 


Over the course of the year I chipped a few teeth, and half of my upper right molar disintegrated. It isn’t the sugar in fruit which causes the tooth damage, because plaque is virtually non-existent on a fruit diet (plaque is remnants of food and colonies of microorganisms). The reason the teeth become damaged is that fruit in its undigested form is highly acidic, around 3-4 pH. Conversely, the teeth are alkaline calcium-phosphorous crystalline matrix, and the constant acidic input wears them down. However the subject is nuanced, and I believe I could have protected them had I known what I know now. 

Results (notes):
Began the diet with aching teeth on the right side of my mouth every night. Pain was strong enough to not be able to to sleep. This had been persistent for around ten days. Also very sensitive to cold, air, and water.
Day 2 the aching pain was gone
Day 5 sensitivity to cold mostly gone. Sensitivity remains if I touch tips of my nails to the upper part of back teeth. 
Day 192 zero pain or sensitivity if touched, no pain if sucking in air (would never have dared do that previously), or from cold water.

Day 212 back right tooth molar begins emitting a nasty, death-smelling lymphatic fluid. No pain. Went on vacation at this point and decided to allow myself to cheat on the diet. The lymph fluid immediately ceased gushing after introduction of cooked foods, and after 3 days one side crumbled off. 
Day 273 another big chunk of the top right molar came off. Was eating oranges at the time, but had been cheating on the diet a day before. No pain at all. Ugly brown/yellow tissue inside which came out easily. Black marks on part of the tooth. Half of the molar still remains to this day (365+).
Day 300-310 chipped two teeth slightly on right side of mouth. Only knew because teeth become sharp and hurt the tongue. Both times was during a cheating spree of 3+ days. The fluctuation between cheat days and fruit diet is hard on them I think.

There are things I wish I’d done differently. For one thing, I didn’t realise the power of saliva until the very end. Saliva contains the same minerals that your teeth are made of, as well as alkaline neutralising compounds. I only learned about rinsing the mouth with saliva near the very end of the diet, but I believe that swishing saliva after meals and utilising certain herbs would have guarded my teeth from damage. I intend to restore my teeth naturally through diet and herbs eventually.

fruit diet transformation


Regulating the bowels is a massive and necessary step towards health and vitality. I have always dealt with a bit of constipation, predominantly due to the exorbitant amount of processed foods I’ve consumed in my life. Many of these refined and over-processed foods are like glue in the digestive tract. 

Results (notes):

Day 3 constipated, feels like a rock in my stomach. Took digestive herbs and the next day was relieved. 
Days 3-20 small, difficult bowel movements. 
Day 30-50 did daily enemas of either filtered water or catnip tea, considerable amount of mucoid plaque and/or parasites eliminated from this. Helped to regulate bowels considerably. (One either mucoid plaque/parasite is shown in the above picture. I probably saw 100+ of those. (Mucoid plaque is a build-up of mucous lining the digestive tract, causing mal-absorption among other things)). 
Day 80 onwards no longer require toilet paper, even after the longest cheat streak of 17 days, toilet paper 99% of the time unneeded. 
By day 110 utilizing occasional enema, but typically 1-2 bm (bowel movement) per day without need of enemas or herbs. Interestingly the colon is able to hold significantly more fluid than at the beginning. 
Day 250 bowel movements not really on my mind, just regular and not problematic even without herbs. 
Day 276 bms very good, always good size and never question regularity. Feel very good. 
Day 282 largest bm of my life, smelled like a barnyard animal’s. Was after 5 oranges, night before had tea of Blue Vervain and Chapparal. 

Notably even while cheating regularity of bowels persisted, and only became more frequent from the increased consumption of calories. There’s no question in my mind that the diet has significantly helped my bowels and digestion in general. 

An interesting side note: I lived in Vietnam for about 9 months years ago, and for 3 months I ate nothing but mangos. The entire 3 months I was constipated, had about 2 bowel movements in total. I went home for Christmas, and returned to Vietnam with about 20 herbal tinctures, some capsules, and teas. I did another 3 months of just mangos with the addition of the herbal medicine, and the difference was night and day. Within a couple days I was no longer constipated, and even when the herbs ran out my bowels had become regulated. It just shows the power and necessity of the herbs for the most toxic parts of every single one of our bodies, the digestive system. I also believe the use of enemas (during the 365 day fruit diet) for a time at least was very helpful, and I did not find them to be addictive or detrimental to any natural rhythms. 


Results (notes):

Day 8 nails are fracturing oddly, breaking off. 
Day 10 hands are cold in the mornings (suggests thyroid going hypo)
Day 69 my left sinus opened in a way it has not done before. Can mechanically pull on it. Hands no longer cold. 
Day 70 orgasms much enhanced
Day 103 becoming lethargic, fearful, moody, but want to see the diet through. (this is the longest I’ve gone on the diet, previously I’ve only done three 90 day stints. Feeling like Sam at the edge of the Shire). 
Day 150 removed a mole on my nose, degraded into a pore which could be pinched out. 
Day 168-69 had two cheat days, ate some junk food, in which experienced a terrible twitching, aneurism-like feeling in the back of my skull. Reminded me of drinking slurpees as a kid. Highlights potential for serious injury if break the diet too radically.  Terrible pain in stomach all night as well. 
Day 186 after a few days of cheating, had very discernible filtration in urine (when you urinate in a jar, and leave it to rest for 24 hours, you can observe the level of filtration from your kidneys by measuring the amount of particles at the bottom, like particles in a snow globe). Difficult to see same level of filtration while on fruit still, though. 
Day 265 have zero desire for alcohol. 
Day 275 notice significant increase in sexual stamina. Easy arousal, no premature ejaculation, can “last” longer than bothered testing. Probably one of the most significant changes from the diet and likely due mostly to enhanced circulation. 
Day 284 realise that detox is a like a Chinese finger trap, if you overexert and try hard to force the detox, it won’t progress as well. For instance, spitting out every little piece of mucous – this just dehydrates and demineralizes you. Relax and trust the body to do it. 
Day 280 noticing that the tongue looks extremely healthy, vibrant blue and red  prominent veins. 
Day 281 long strands of hair at front of head. Dandruff appeared early on in diet, bit of acne now on receded hair-line skin (possible healing reaction). 

One of my major goals with the detox was to restore my receded hairline. Sadly, it’s hard to tell if I’ve made progress on that front. I did notice long strands of hair which were unprecedented, but the results are not substantial enough to claim a positive result. (Will get it eventually, though.) There is a saying in detoxification, that it’s like taking your car to get a paint job. For a while it doesn’t look too good, they have to strip the paint, and it looks terrible. But it looks a lot better at the end when they’re all done. I believe this may be the case with hair rejuvenation. I am optimistic I’ll eventually discover the natural remedy, and I do believe fruit detox plays a vital role. 

But overall, I can say that I have never felt better in my life, except maybe as a small kid, than I do now. It feels amazing to be light, to have no depressive thoughts, to think more clearly and creatively, to not get fatigued by social or physical exertion. It feels good because the body isn’t clogged up, the organs and glands are functioning better, and the potential for even greater change is always available. This is the path that is in alignment with your nature. Compare this holistic form of treatment to what is offered by the medical field, and break out of your conditioned thinking to realise that your health is bound to Nature, to cause-and-effect, and ultimately lies within your own hands. 


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How to Do a Fruit Diet

The potential from doing a fruit diet w/ herbs is limitless. For one year I allowed myself to consume: Fruit, medicinal herbs, coffee, alcohol (socially), maple syrup, honey, an occasional cucumber, and anything which I grew in my own gardenFor someone trying to do the fruit diet for their first time, I think these are good guidelines. 

I wasn’t perfect in the diet, and most people won’t be. I achieved 292/365 days, or, 80%, which is slightly regrettable, but which I still think is an excellent number. Most people will “cheat” once in awhile, but on a fruit diet one has to be careful, because the body is in a vulnerable state. 

One of the renowned stories about frugivore diets was when Ashton Kutcher tried out the diet while preparing for his role in a movie portraying Steve Jobs. After 30 days he was “rushed to the hospital”. I don’t know the full story, but I can almost guarantee that Ashton had a “cheat” night immediately prior to the hospital visit. He wasn’t just eating melons that night, he was probably enjoying a few other things.

And you’ll notice that as well when you try it; you eat nothing but fruit for a week and then go out and have a steak dinner, and you’re going to have a bit of a problem. 

Eating only fruit puts the body into a vulnerable, cleansing mode. On a standard diet the body is constantly in a defensive stance. Even our cells are surrounded by a layer of cholesterol on a standard diet, because they have to protect themselves from either toxins or their own waste. This causes mal-absorption and many other problems which a fruit diet can remedy, but we need to be careful. Food is highly emotional and deeply entrenched within our psyche. We have to be careful about being impulsive or irresponsible when/if we do break from the diet. 

An analogy I like is thinking of detoxification as bringing an iceberg to the equator. If we think of the ice as our internal stagnation and toxicity, it takes a long time for the iceberg to melt completely in the warm sun of a strict fruit diet. But if we then take that iceberg and instantly plop it back into the arctic ocean, there’s a chance that the ice will fracture and crack. Our body is similar. We can’t go from one extreme too rapidly to the other. But, we do the best we can. 

Anyways, how to do a fruit diet!

Eat nothing but 100% raw FRUIT; utilise herbs, particularly kidney, lymphatic, digestive, and nervous system herbs; try to stay in the present moment; don’t overexert yourself if you can help it, allow your body to rest; utilise enemas, steam baths, hot-cold treatments, lymphatic massage, cold-sheet treatment if needed/desired; eat enough – at about 160lbs I found that 12-15 large fruit/day was a good amount for me. And most importantly, use your own mind to decide what is right for you. There is an ebb and flow in detox, and only you can walk the path. 

If I had never done a fruit detox before, I would hire a guide. My first three detoxes were not even close to as effective as my last one, and that was because I made a lot of mistakes and wasn’t aware of many important details. 

Eating just fruit isn’t always fun or easy, so make the most of your effort with a guide! The expenditure of money for an herbalist guide is also a good leverage against weak self-discipline, it’ll help you follow through. Plato’s Garden provides specially tailored herbal medicine, guidance, detoxification packages, and everything you need to succeed. 

It would take a lot of effort to figure everything out on your own, but I have dedicated my herbal career to helping you walk the right path, and my passion is to aid you on your journey to a state of vitality, wellness, and joy. 

Whatever your health ambitions are, you can do this. 

This Post was all about A 365 Day Fruit Detox...

If you've read the entire article, well done! You're well on your way to increasing your knowledge of food and health and escaping the cave. Please leave a comment if you have any additional details, comments, or questions. Follow us on one of our social media for video content and updates, and I hope to see you again in a later post by Plato's Garden. If you are seeking an Iridology reading, an herbalist, or to walk a Path of Detoxification, take a look at our website! I'd love to help get you on a path of regeneration. 
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