From April-June (2024) we are accepting new clients during evening hour time-slots.

Information for Booking
(Consultations are online)

Herbal Consultations (Includes Iridology reading)


Bookings are 1:1 online consultations only, anywhere across Canada or the USA. Any herbs purchased will be shipped directly to you. 
An herbalist gets to the root of health. We offer powerful herbal medicines alongside lifestyle & diet recommendations. When you become my client, I become your ally and supporter. I don’t just want you to feel a “little better”, I want you to find remedy and a return to vitality. The true path to health does not cost thousands of dollars, and its theories of the body are not impossible to understand; health is simplistic, natural and available to everyone, but it takes work. Any other perception of health is an illusion. 

Paths of Detoxification

Have you ever sacrificed for something worth having? Have you ever been able to resist the temptations of this era, and embrace raw experience? The path to health, so far as I know it, is not exactly a fun one. It is a path without many comforts. It is a journey back to the root of where all your health problems began.  This path is called: Detoxification. 

Ask yourself why the medical field has never been able to find the cures for many of the major illnesses which plague humanity? The answer is that there is no pill with the power to reverse years of eating processed food, soda, pizzas and chips. We live in a world bound to the laws of cause and effect, meaning that only by the opposite action of how we produced our health problems are we capable of finding a remedy to them. That means it takes work, that it won’t be easy, and ultimately that you’ll need to change. But by the grace of the Gods the path to regeneration is much faster than the path to degradation, you need only earn it through discipline and right action. Plato’s Garden offers a guide who has walked the path many times already, with a focused study on the best herbs for detoxification alongside those suited to your unique health picture. 

*We aim to provide the highest quality herbs at the lowest prices, so that you can enjoy them as much as you’d like without breaking the bank. Herbs are meant to be easily accessible and full of vitality. 

*Herbs are 10c/gram (tea/capsules); 15c/ml (tincture)
All Herbs are Organic or Wild-crafted
Bottles are provided at cost

Pet Consultation (Regenerative Health)


If your pet needs a surgery, was hit by a car, has a broken bone or is bleeding – you should go see a veterinarian.
But if your pet is suffering from chronic degenerative health problems, an Herbalist / Naturalist is likely a better fit. 
I healed my 3 year old black labs chronic limp and back leg degeneration by simply following an observation of the proper diet for the canine species (with the addition of a few herbs). 
Within 6 months of the proper diet, he was running up mountains; and 7 years later he’s still able to run for hours at a time with no perceivable limp.
The vets had recommended glucosamine and implanting iron bars across the tibia/fibula of his legs. That might have helped a bit (maybe), but would never have addressed the root cause of his health problems. 
Healing animals is a personal interest of mine and I offer this service to share the knowledge of how to follow Nature’s guidance in healing your pet. Usually one consultation is enough to understand what to do for your unique animal.

Contact us with any questions you have about our services or herbal products, or to leave a comment. We always attempt to source the highest quality herbs possible, and love to hear your feedback.