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About Us

Plato's Garden

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Plato's Allegory of the Cave

The Allegory of the Cave is a famous philosophical text written by the ancient Greek philosopher, Plato. It describes the world of illusions, and the path through the dark, flickering cave, towards the light of truth. Essentially, the allegory describes the necessity of thinking for oneself. There is a thread of human consciousness going around which is derisive to the idea of “doing your own research.” Those shadow-casters also like to say: “believe the experts”, or, “trust the science”. Plato’s Garden does not advocate for such views. We believe as Plato did, that the public and the planet are best served when the masses are capable of critical thought and have the freedom of mind and the liberty to make their own decisions.

Plato’s Garden believe that herbalism & detoxification in alignment with Nature will play a fundamental role in the regeneration and enlightenment of human-kind. 

Now is our time to exit the Cave, and go back into the Garden.

Who I am

I am not a hippie living out in the woods, or a spiritual giant who has out-of-body-travelled to distant dimensions. I am just a regular person who through the course of life, became sceptical of the mainstream ideologies of health and happened upon knowledge of the incredible power of herbs and natural diet. 

After curing my own depression and anxiety in my early 20s through a combination of herbs, diet, and meditation, I knew that it was my calling to help spread the powerful (yet almost totally unknown) gifts of herbal medicine and regenerative detoxification to the world.

When you book an appointment with me, you’re aligning yourself with a person who believes in the power of nature. I don’t treat or try to cure “diseases”.  My aim is to help nourish, cleanse, and repair your body’s cells, tissues, organs, glands, fluids, and genetic weaknesses with proper diet and herbal medicine. The difference between myself and most other herbalists is that I take a special interest in the systems of detoxification. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to go on a radical diet and lose 50 pounds, or that you need to change much of your lifestyle at all. But when I’m recommending herbs, whether they be for remedying sleep, skin, digestive, lungs etc., always in the back of my mind I’m thinking about how to get your lymphatic system, kidneys, and bowels operating properly simultaneously. Those are the systems of elimination. It’s not very difficult to use herbs and get a beneficial result for sleep problems, skin, or acute conditions; but only by getting the systems of elimination functioning can we remedy chronic illness long-term, and get your body on the path of regeneration. It can take time, sacrifice, and effort, but you’ll never regret doing it. 

If you’re willing to strive for well-being, the path of natural healing is open to you here. 

Justin McArthur | Herbalist |Lymphatic Iridologist | Regenerative Detoxification Specialist | Phytotherapist


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