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The Three Visions of Plato's Garden:


No person can heal you, only you can heal yourself. Only you can set your feet upon the path towards personal regeneration. Herbs are our greatest allies on that path, not only for their chemical properties, but also for their intelligence.


If you explore Plato's Garden you will learn a little bit about herbs and the healing arts. Health is a personal journey, and we seek to offer a stepping stone towards self-empowering you and the people around you, so that you can eventually venture forth with the tools of your own knowledge and awareness.

Heal the Earth

The profits of our company will lead to regenerative permaculture farms. And by healing ourselves, do we not also heal a little piece of the planet? Herbs require no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilisers. The preferred herbs are wild-crafted or from permaculture farms. The more people use herbs, the more land will be designated to Nature and sustainable agriculture.

What an Herbalist can do for You

Plato’s Garden has one intention: to assist in the healing of the world. YOU are an integral part of this world, and your health is incredibly important on many levels.

To heal the physical body, we need herbs! They are Nature’s gifts to the Animal Kingdom. At Plato’s Garden we are herbalists, and we offer the highest quality herbs at the lowest prices possible, so that you can experiment and utilise herbs without a significant cost. Herbs are designed to be easily accessible and are full of vitality and strength.

Our herbs cost 10c/gram for teas/capsules; and 15c/ml for tinctures. We use only organic or wildcrafted herbs (and I am always striving for higher quality.) We implore you to compare these prices with other herbal products/services. 



Plato’s Garden Services

Herbal Consultations: This is a chance to speak with an herbalist in-depth to discuss your medical history, your health challenges, your family health background, any medications you’re taking, your diet, etc. Once we have all of that info, we can create a meaningful health path together which may include changes to diet, lifestyle, and the addition of natural and powerful herbal medicines. An herbal consultation can help you remedy sleep problems, digestive issues, bladder problems, sexual dysfunction, chronic ailments, anxiety, depression, memory, etc. I truly believe herbs are vastly superior to any supplements, pharmaceuticals, or any vitamins and minerals you can take, because they are 100% natural. They have been used for healing since the beginning of our species, have very few or no side-effects, and are in-tune with the evolution of your holistic, natural body. Herbalism isn’t about masking symptoms, it’s about addressing root causes. After one consultation you gain access to the Plato’s Garden dispensary of low-priced and high-quality herbs uniquely blended for you. 

Iridology Readings: Iridology is the science of observing and reading the iris. By taking a simple photograph of each of your eyes (which can be done yourself with a smart phone and a mirror), we can glimpse into the genetics and levels of lymphatic stagnation in your unique body. The information an iridology reading provides is helpful for any health journey, as it can give insight into which of your organs and glands are strong and vital, which are weak or stagnant, and what the overall interior health-picture of your body is. The findings from an iridology reading will reflect which herbs are administered to you in an herbal consult, and is free/included with your first herbal consultation.

Regenerative Detoxification packages: For the serious health-seeker. A detox requires a reversion to our natural diet, alongside the use of medicinal herbs performing upon the kidneys, bowels, and lymphatic system primarily. If you are ready to radically change the course of your health trajectory, consider a path of regenerative detoxification from someone who has walked the path many times before, and came out alive and well again. This is an incredible way to lose weight, but that’s not the reason we do it. Regenerative detoxification is for the person who is suffering, who wants to get back to a state of wellness, who is willing to work and sacrifice to achieve it, but who doesn’t know how. I learned this method from a master healer who has worked with thousands of clients, and in all of my study of health I have not found a solution that comes anywhere close to its effectiveness. And the reason it is so powerful is simple: it is a realignment with our nature. To reverse the problems we’ve created in our health, we must do two things: observe nature, and change course. 

Pet Consultation: The first creature I ever “healed” was my dog, a black lab named Koby (healing can only be done by your own body). At the age of 3 he developed a bad limp, couldn’t get up on the bed, and was diagnosed by a vet with hip dysplasia. Our options were to listen to the vet, get an expensive surgery where they placed a metal bar in his leg and gave him pharmaceuticals for the pain, or I could follow my instincts and go with Nature. 8 years later, Koby can run for hours, has a thick shiny coat, and has no trouble jumping in my truck. He went from a dog with poor genetics and a sad future to one of the healthiest 11 year old dogs in the park. All it took was 6 months of a raw diet that was in alignment with his nature, and a few herbs. 

Plato's Garden


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Herbal Consult

We seek to offer quality herbs affordably and reliably. Come in for a 90 minute consultation, discuss your health challenges and goals, and leave with knowledge and herbal medicine tailored for you.

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Discover the genetic strengths and weaknesses of your physical body with an iris reading. Iridology serves as an elucidating pairing with an herbal consult, or on its own for personal interest.

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Educate yourself on the Paths of the Naturalist and Healer. Rediscover the lost knowledge of the ancients, and seek true healing through holistic methods. The journey to health begins with intellectual discoveries.

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